Getting Your First Psychic Reading Over The Phone

Phone physics are literally everywhere. Somewhere in your area there is a phone physic waiting to chat with you. They may all seem the same because they offer the same services but each physic has a different style and way of conducting readings. So soon enough you will realize that each experience is different than the other. The best places to find a phone physic is by looking in local advertisements and some have late night commercials or infomercials too.

Why talk with a physic?

A physic may be able to answer any questions you have that you want an answer to. They can either help clarify things are bring attention to many things that are going overlooked. They can help build connections with those that you have lost and maybe never said goodbye to. A major thing to consider when dealing with a physic is that the information they say isn’t written in stone but can be enlightening to hear. They can help you make any tough decisions in life like career changes or the college you should attend. When talking with a physic many people draw a blank and forget that this is an opportunity to ask questions too.

Psychic Reading Over The Phone

What questions can you ask a physic?

A few key questions to ask a physic are:

  • (If you are single), How can I meet my soul mate?
  • Should I change careers?
  • (If in a relationship), Will our relationship last?
  •  (If there are problems within the relationship ask), Will everything work out, or should I move on?
  • What do I have to look forward to in my future?
  • (Suspect a cheating spouse) Is my partner cheating on me?

These are all very easy questions that most legitimate physics will be happy to answer. These questions are also amongst the most common questions asked. Depending on the physic, you can ask whatever you want but some things are too complex for a phone physic reading, so keep that in mind also.

What makes some phone physics better than others?

There are a lot of scams on the market and as someone new interested in a physic reading, you want to avoid being scammed. Scams are physics that advertise free calls and high by the minute rates. Most readings should have a set cost for a certain amount of minutes. All fees should be upfront and honest. Using a company that has been around for a long time is a great way to know, that they must be doing something right to have loyal customers.

So, here are a few tips to help those interested in a phone physic reading for the first time. With these tips you should have a successful experience with a physic and get the answers you want, while getting the service you deserve. Follow these tips and soon enough, all the questions you have can be answered with the help from a phone physic reading.

An Introduction To Aura Readings


When looking into learning something new, as far as categories having to do with clairvoyant work, there are plenty of resources available online. It is important that you try and find a source that is reliable in learning how everything works, since different sources could say different things. Sites that belong to a well established medium, for example, might include trustworthy tips and other info regarding the subject at hand. As for the basics of aura readings, this article will cover the basics of aura readings and its use.

What is an Aura Reading?

It is believed that auras can be read through any of the senses. Many people tend to associate readings aura the most with sight or through the “sixth sense” that everyone possess. Mediums and other clairvoyants are hired by individuals to read their aura or the aura of someone else. Through this reading, they are hoping to answer some questions about themselves or to seek a way to better their energy.

Since an aura is described as being something that everyone has, which is often associated with the emanation from the very soul of a person, it can safely be said that you would want a balanced aura. When a customer seeks out an aura reading, often they are looking for ways to balance out themselves. When they feel that their personal aura is off balance, whether it be due to stress or something else, they might hope for an answer on things they can do to better balance themselves out.

How to Read an Aura or Have It Read

Auras tend to go by many names. Many people refer to an aura as a person’s “chi” or their “chakra” just to name a few. With that being said, it’s understandable that the way to read an aura can really differ. There are said to be over 100 different ways to go about reading aura, depending on what really works for the person. It is highly suggested that, should you choose to learn how to read your own aura or that of someone else, that you do as much research as possible to find the best method to fit your own preferences.

Some of the methods include actually reading auras using sight, which is commonly associated with colors. Many of the colors associated with a person’s aura have to do with what they are feeling or even their personality type. Certain difficulties with the body and health can actually be associated with colors. As far as personality type or emotion goes, to give an example, an orange-red color is commonly associated with confidence or creative power. Solid red aura is very often seen as competitive, energetic, or so on. As for orange in the sense of the body, orange could mean the body’s reproductive organs. Red, on the other hand, would most likely mean the heart or the body’s circulation.


You see, there are many ways to read these hidden energies. As long as you know what you are looking for, such as understanding the differences between colors, then it would not be difficult to learn how to read auras using sight alone. That is not to say that reading auras with sight is the only good way to do so. Many people use physical touch, such as placing a hand on the area which they wish to read. This can be the back of the neck, the shoulder, the top of the head, and so on. As for other ways to read auras, as long as it has to do with the senses, more than likely there is a way to do so.

Three Ways To Make The Most Of Phone Psychic Readings

You can visit a psychic in person or chat with a psychic online for guidance or insight into your life but many people prefer to have psychic readings over the telephone. A personal visit to a psychic isn’t always possible, especially for people in rural areas. Chats with psychics online are fine for people who embrace new technology but phone psychic readings let you truly connect; like talking on the phone with a trusted friend.


Selecting the Type of Reading You Prefer

You’ll get the most out of a phone psychic reading if you familiarize yourself with the types of readings typically offered. There are psychics who do tarot card readings, numerology readings, use crystals and more. Other psychics use their clairvoyance, talk to spirit guides or they are able to talk to others that have moved on to a higher plane of existence. To get the most out of phone psychic readings, determine which type of reading will answer your questions and provide guidance and choose your psychic accordingly.

Decide What’s Pressing Before Making the Call

While this sounds like simplistic advice, many people don’t sit down and decide exactly why they are calling a psychic before picking up the psychic reading telephone. If you’re troubled and you don’t know why you feel this way, let the psychic know so you can work on why you’re troubled. If you have specific questions, write them down before calling. Some psychics receive so many visions that it’s easy for callers to become sidetracked. If this happens, get answers to your original questions, then call the same psychic back for a more detailed life reading.

Don’t Be Afraid of “Shopping” for a Psychic

Sometimes, it’s hard for a person to connect with a specific psychic. Don’t be afraid to end the call and look for another psychic whose style meshes with your personality. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings; phone psychic readings are the most fruitful when the caller feels a bond with his or her psychic.

These three tips will help you make the most of psychic readings over the phone. You’ll get the reading that is most appropriate for your needs and get answers to your most pressing questions from a psychic that you are comfortable with and who is right for you.


If Your a Psychic, Can You Tell What The Future Holds?

There are many myths about being a psychic. First, people think that having psychic abilities gives all of these individuals the ability to predict the future, only if they were that lucky. While there are some people who get glimpses into the future with psychic reading reviews, no one really can predict everything that is going to happen, but there are some instances when the spirit world does communicate and allow specifics to be known.

Do Psychics Always Know The Future?

45644036_1-Pictures-of-MADAME-MYSTIC-WORLD-REKNOWN-PSYCHICMany people flock to a psychic medium when they have a question about their future. There are many variables that go into what and if the spirit world will communicate. The spirit world does communicate in some ways, but it is not always eager to tell all of the secrets it knows. Many want to know if a relationship will last or if they will get a job offer or married. A reader can pull tarot cards and be able to give them some indication, but no one can be 100% positive of tomorrow.

Because free will can change everything, no psychic prediction is set in stone. They may see things and can direct, but a person can choose a different route and mess up their own destiny. If this happens this cannot be blamed on the psychic. A psychic can tune into someone’s energy and they can communicate with spirit guides. It is kind of like walking through a maze to get to the answers, they are not always abundantly clear. Often, they can see through the maze and see the past, present and future. This helps them to see where a person has been, where they are at now, and where they are going.

Predictions Are Not Written In Stone

While they can tell you what is going to happen on the path if a person continues, they have no ability to make a person remain on that path. In fact, if they see something on the pathway that should be avoided, it may be wise to change courses. Psychics tune into a person’s trajectory to help see what is typical for that person. They can see what the outcome will be if a person doesn’t make a change. Sometimes the changes are for the good of the person; sometimes it can mean heartache and pain. A psychic should never tell someone that what they see is written in stone; because there is no way to predict everything all the time. This simply takes away the free will of a man and it is against the laws of nature.

A psychic who is well versed in how to work in the spirit realm will be able to hand each person a map, and this allows them to define the future for themselves. Each person has free will and the ability to change things. Those who go to a psychic wanting lottery numbers or to know how many fingers they are holding behind their back really don’t understand the spirit world, how it works and really don’t take things seriously. Psychics are guides, they are not God.

4 Qualities to Look For When Seeking an Authentic Psychic

With so many psychics advertising their services, how do you find one who is authentic? This can be a difficult decision, as you don’t want to waste your money on someone who isn’t going to be helpful. There are a few criteria you can use to help you pinpoint psychics who are truly gifted. You may have to try a session or two with a psychic before deciding whether or not he or she is authentic. Here are some qualities you should look for in a psychic.

1. Doesn’t Depend on You For Information

Psychics who are not legitimate are often skilled at prompting clients to give them information. This is done by noticing how you react to their statements. They may also give out vague answers and wait for you to provide specifics. For example, they may say something general about someone important in your life, and wait for you to reply with “that’s my sister” or whatever might apply. You should expect the psychic to ask you some preliminary questions to clarify what you want out of the reading. He or she should not, however, rely on your responses to guide them.


2. Respects Your Free Will

Authentic psychics don’t attempt to tell you how to live your life. They give you information that you can use as you want. If the psychic tells you outright that you should or should not do something, this can be a sign that you are dealing with someone who is manipulative rather than helpful. Whether the psychic is using astrology, tarot cards or some other method of reading, he or she should respect your free will at all times.

3. Is Up Front About Costs

An authentic psychic reading will give a clear cut method of charging you. This may be for a session or a certain duration. Phone or online psychics may charge by the minute or hour. What you should be wary of is a psychic who attempts to get you to pay out extra money for something that wasn’t initially agreed upon. Psychics have a right to charge a fee like everyone else, but they should be straightforward about this.

4. Comes Highly Recommended

One of the best ways to find a good psychic is to get a personal recommendation. This may be from a friend or relative, or anyone who has consulted the psychic. Of course, there is no guarantee that your rapport with this person will be the same as the person who gave the recommendation. However, if someone has had a positive experience with a psychic, this is certainly a positive sign. When it comes to well known psychics, you can use reviews and testimonials to help you decide.

These are a few points to keep in mind when consulting with a psychic. You should always trust your own instincts in this area, no matter what other people say about the person. In this regard, finding a good psychic is similar to finding a skilled professional of any kind. Your goal should be to find a qualified person with whom you feel comfortable.